Has it really been 2 months since I posted?

Memory Trends was an amazing experience! Meeting Faye Morrow Bell and welcoming her to our team was definitely a highlight. One crazy, hairraising taxi ride, playing the slots for the first time (even winning a little money!), and seeing my product on display for all the world to see...what a ride! For those of you who are wondering, here's the skinny...the Urban Camo collection is not shipping yet. I'll post here when I have a date on that. The collection consists of patterned papers, twill "belts", rub-on titles, rub-on alphas, rubber tags and tabs and coordinating paint sets. Everything for your Li'l Trooper or Major QT! Fun, fun stuff.

Now we're gearing up for CHAW, so it's back to Vegas next month. I'm so excited about the products we're working on, and all the BIG changes we have planned!

Speaking of changes....have you seen Jenni Bowlin's news? I can't wait to see what she has in store!!

The week after the show, I flew to Oregon to bring my mom back to Alaska. She'd fallen down and had a concussion, and was hospitalized for a week. During her stay, they found evidence of lung cancer, and that was confirmed when we got home and saw her doctor. The cancer is inoperable because of some other health issues (she has some dimensia and shows signs of early alzheimer's) so we begin radiation and chemotherapy next week. Prayers are appreciated.

Sage, Maggie and Sam are rockin' and rollin' in school!! I'm SO proud of them all. They're risen to the challenge and exceeded all my expectations. They are doing The Nutcracker tomorrow night (that is if Sam can kick this flu he has).

Two weeks ago we drove up to our property and took our annual family Christmas picture on snowmachines. It was stinkin' -24° (that's BELOW zero) on the way up, but was a balmy -8° when we arrived. lol! Needless to say, we snapped up roll of film and hightailed it back home. Brrrr. I wish I could share it here...we have a breathtaking view of Mt. McKinley! Once I get it scanned, I'll post it. Beautiful!

That about wraps up the past 2 months. :)

I'm looking forward to Christmas, spending time with my mom, cherishing my family and counting my blessings.

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Heather D. White said...

My goodness!! I've wondered where you have been! You have definitely been busy! Can't wait to see your product...so glad that things went so well at the show and sure that things will go just as well at CHA! So sorry to hear about your mom. Sending thoughts and prayers your way and hoping that the treatment is successful. Also sorry that your little one has been sick. Kaden has strep and is on antibiotics right now. No fun having a sick one at home. Can't wait to see your pictures...get them developed SOON!!! :-) So glad that you are back and bloggin'! I've missed ya!