monday morning...

it's 8:30am in las vegas...that means the show starts in just half and hour. i have to wait til wednesday to see the booth, though. i'm so EXCITED! wish i could be a fly on the wall today to see what kind of response my product line is getting. :)

lots to do today:
1. finish up laundry
2. plan a few meals for while i'm away
3. pack my bag

i guess that's not all that much, huh? lol i'm lucky that paul is so great about my traveling. i don't worry about things (too much). ;) speaking of paul...he got the bright idea to make army helmets out of paper mache and balloons. so that's what he and the kids did this weekend. he's funny to watch because he's SUCH a perfectionist. and frankly i'm not half the artist he is. i wish i had his talent. anyway, the helmets turned out cool. i'll post a pic next week after i get back. been slacking on the pictures lately. :)

alrighty, i'll post next week after the show with some pictures!

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Kristin said...

Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see your things!