rip roarin' ready to go!!

woke up this morning on FIRE! yesterday i picked up some new "stuff" at the store to use for some spring prototypes and i'm so excited about how they're turning out. tossed and turned last night with all the ideas i have, keeping me awake. i know i'll pay later today, but for now the adrenalin has kicked in. i've got a few different things going right now and i keep going back and forth among them doing a little bit here and a little bit there. hoping it'll all come together and make sense next week at product development meetings. :) i have a feeling when the creative team is all together in one room, the ideas will FLY.

later today i have a meeting with the speech pathologist for sam. i'm kind of torn about what to do at this point. he needs at least another year of speech to fine-tune a couple sound delays, but i'm not sure i want him to miss any classroom time. he's pulled from class a few times a week to go to speech, which will happen at random times, since his school doesn't have a pathologist on staff and uses a "roaming" teacher. (whew, can you say runon sentence?lol) i guess i'll make a decision after the meeting today.

my biggest dilemna right now...what does one wear in Vegas in October? do i dress for the season? or for the weather? i've already hauled out my stash of sweaters for the winter season here. something tells me that might not work for Vegas, though. lol according to the 5-day forecast, next week will be 82ยบ and sunny.

today's to-do list:
7:00: spring show samples, notes for meeting
9:00: girls' classroom, geography tests
10:00: finish up spring line samples/start presentation binder
3:00: meet w/ speech pathologist
3:30: pick up kids/get pizza&movie for tonight
4:00: squeeze in a quickie shopping trip for white top for m.t.

pizza and movie night tonight! love crowding together in the family room and just hanging, laughing, connecting. :)

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