working furiously...

in the design field, for me at least, it seems like great new ideas come in downpours. it's hard to know which direction to go right now. memory trends is coming up fast, and i have so many new ideas for spring/summer that i'm already wishing it was time for chaw. and i'm feeling like the whole illustrator thing isn't happening fast enough. why can't i just zip through the book, pick out only the parts that i know i'll use and be done with it? instead, i slowly and painfully commit each lesson to memory, and it feels like i'm just spinning my wheels, wasting my time. i guess i'm just impatient that way. i know eventually it'll all come together and make sense. i'm just afraid that by the time i have it mastered, all these great ideas in my head will be old news.

in other news, i'm the proud new owner of a webcam! we have been using it to talk to stevan. SO cool. he's got one on the company computer, and the kids are getting such a kick out of "seeing" him so often now. sam actually hugged and kissed the monitor. sending out a box of goodies today to him for halloween. i just can't imagine being so far from home and not getting a care package now and then. i always send extra candy for him to share with the other troops...so if you're reading, stevan, you'd better be sharing! lol

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Heather D. White said...

I feel the same way about designing. There's so much to do and yet to me, it seems like there is never enough time. I think if I could possess one supernatural power, it would be the ability to FREEZE time. Wouldn't that be fantastic? LOL! SO happy about your new webcam that hopefully shortens the distance between you and your sweetheart!!! YAY!