Drive By Posting, and Where's Nora?

Hi all! Just a quick post today. My sister is in town who I haven't seen for 15 years, and my brother who I haven't seen for 7. Yikes. It's been a lot of catching up, comparing notes, laughing, crying, the works. I come from a family of 7, and we've all gone our seperate ways and lost lots of years in the process. I only wish we were getting together for a better reason. But it's because we are moving my mom into an assisted living home and taking care of her estate. I'm focusing on the silver lining, which is getting to know my family all over again.

And where in the world is Nora? I have a box full of fun stuff here I don't have an email for you, so I'm hoping you will see this!

A little birdie told me I was tagged? So I'll save that for the next post.

PS...hug your mom today. And if you can't hug her, call her.

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