Headed to Vegas!

Tonight I'm leaving this -25° weather for sunny, beautiful Vegas! I'm so stoked to see all our new product in person, to hang out with the team, share ideas. I come home from these trips on FIRE to create, to play. Bring it on, baby!!

I scored some super-cute beaded shoes, a pair of jeans that fit (not an easy feat) and a couple pairs of comfy black shoes. Remember when shirts with the little puffy cap sleeves were "in"? Guess what? Yep, they're back. I know, I know. Where have I been? They've probably been "in" for six months, but are just now making their way north to Alaska. Not exactly a mecca of fashion here. I picked up a cute little white t-shirt (per our show dress code) with puffy sleeves. Add the black mary janes, and I look like an overgrown 4th grader.

Alrighty, I'd better go pack. This time I'm taking pictures at the show, so I'll have a full photojournalistic report upon my return. ;) Have a wonderful week! I'll bring home some sunshine!


kori said...

good luck! knock em' dead sista! and i hope you didn't forget the camera!

Heather D. White said...

I hope you have a blast! Can't wait to hear about it when you get back!!!! Your outfit sounds sweet!! ;-)