What a show!

Oh my gosh. The show was SO amazing! We released the Tinseltown and Crillon lines, plus new foam stamp word sets, foam nuggets disposable paint applicators, foam stamp storage cases and Scrapbook Tape...and it is all so cool! I know, I know. I work for them, I have to say that, right? Well, I stand by it 110%! We had a phenomenal show and had tons of fun. I met some of the funniest, sweetest and smartest store owners around (hi everyone!!). That's got to be one of my favorite parts of the show. They are just all-around wonderful, hardworking people who I thoroughly enjoy meeting. :)

We announced the launch of a huge marketing campaign "Li'l Davis Roadshow 2006: Are We There Yet?" Oh my gosh. How much fun is this going to be? This Spring we are having a big RV wrapped with the Li'l Davis logo and are hitting the road! We'll be making all kinds of stops at different locations teaching classes, making celebrity guest appearances, visiting retail store locations. It's going to be a blast!! So watch for the Li'l Davis "scrapwagon". We might be coming to your town! (details on dates and locations will be announced on our new website in the next few weeks) The picture above is Tricia with our Roadshow tshirt on.

One of the highlights of the whole trip for me, of course, was getting to sport my funky new green beaded pointy toe shoes. haha! I had to wear them at least once, right? Where in the world would I wear them up here, in Alaska?? Major, major blisters. But worth it? You betcha. :)

I had such a riot working with the whole team...way too much fun to be called work. :)

OK, gotta wrap this up now and go unpack and soak my feet.

Oh, PS: Brian and Joe, they caught the rampaging polar bear and used him to cork the spewing volcano. You know, two birds with one stone.

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Brian said...

Whew,I was worried about that nasty polar bear-volcano situation the whole drive home! Thanks again for all of your help at the show. See you at CHA Summer!