Road Trip!

This should be fun...Michelle Hill (product designer extraodinaire) and Tricia (owner and creative genious) of Li'l Davis are taking a roadtrip from California to the home office in Mesa, Arizona to get things ready for CHAW. They've promised pictures, so stay tuned to their blogs for updates! Maybe they'll give more sneak peeks at the cool new goodies??

I'm am totally, completely, insanely jealous of Michelle today. Hmph. You know I'd be there pitchin' in and helping if only I didn't live up here in the Boonies of Alaska, girl!! On the upside, it's kind of fun to see the new stuff for the first time at the show. I guess that's my half-hearted attempt at consoling myself today. :( lol!

I think I'll go do some pre-show clothes shopping. A little retail therapy should do the trick. ;)

Some of my Alaska friends have asked about Kori Babb. Kori used to teach classes at my store, and was just an inspiration in general to my customers. If word got out she was coming to a crop, they'd call ahead and ask to sit next to her. heehee (She'll DIE when she reads that, by the way, because she's so modest and REAL. Don't kill me, Kori!) Well, Kori was chosen as a design team member for the CreativExpress website (the link above takes you to her gallery) and has just had a layout published in the January issue of Scrapbook Answers magazine. We miss you!!! If you come for a visit, we should plan an all-day workshop! Wouldn't that be a blast?? Anyway, that's the scoop on Kori. Wonder what it will take to get her back here?

Have a great day, everyone! I'll be in my scraproom working on layouts for the booth at the show today. It's cooooooold here. Perfect for staying inside and playing. :)

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