Urban Camo in Action!!

Check out Jenni Bowlin's blog for a cute layout she did using the Urban Camo line I designed for Lil Davis! So stinkin' fun to look at that and say "hey, I did that!". Jenni, I love what you did with it. :)

I'm getting SO excited about the CHAW show!!! Our new stuff is entirely too cute. Plus it's always fun to hang out with the most creative people on the planet. :)

What a weekend! Holy Moly, I'm tired. We got more done for my mom this weekend than I've been able to do in the past three months. I think I've been just so hesitant about moving my mom into assisted living, that I needed reassurance from my family that it was the right choice for her. I already feel a huge weight has been lifted, knowing that she's being well taken care of. It's so hard making decisions for someone who can't make them for themself anymore. Lots of prayer, and faith. And family. That's the only way to do it.

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Sallie said...

Got some of your line - can't wait to use it!! So awesome to see your ideas materialize! I'll send a pic when I get a layout done.