Who's going to the show?

Do you have a will? A medical directive? A power of attorney? Neither do I. But let me tell you, after this week, I'm getting them. Seriously. It's not so much something you do for yourself, but for your family and the people who love you and will take care of you when you can't take care of yourself. My mom is 77 and never wrote a will. Big estate, small estate, doesn't matter. It's a gift, an act of love, toward those who love you. OK, nuff about that.

Hey, who's going to CHAW? Stop by the Li'l Davis booth and say hi! We're between KI Memories and Bazzill this year. :)

Thanks for leaving comments! It's so fun to come and hear from some of you who've visited. :)

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Kristin said...

I just wanted to say I was sorry to hear about your mom.I hope you are able to enjoy your time together.
I also saw a peek of YOUR new line a LD. Pretty cool!