School's Back in Session!!!!!

Say it with me.....YIPPEE!!!!!

I love my kids, but dang that was a loooong two weeks. Whew.

We went snowmachining yesterday and it was entirely too perfect. Perfect temperatures, perfect snowpack, perfect sunset. That sunset. I'll post pics when I get them back. It was really clear and the colors around Denali were stunning. It's difficult to get a perspective on just how far away the mountain is from our property because it looms so HUGE on the horizon. Paul says it's about 60 miles.

I haven't said much about my mom and lots of you have been asking. I guess it's getting more and more difficult to talk about. Her memory is failing fast. Ironically, she doesn't feel "sick" despite the lung cancer. She just says she's "tired", which I think is her way of saying she's had enough. Enough illness, enough doctors, enough living. And I guess I have to agree with her. At 77, she's lived a very full life and she made her peace with God a long time ago, so she's ready. I just want her to be taken care of in her last days and I'm really torn about where she should live. It's becoming apparent that she has no business living on her own anymore but I can not bring myself to move her. So that's where we are. That's how she is. She's getting by, really just waiting, I think.

One last thing. This picture...why? Well, just to show how stinking AMAZING my skin looks since I started using Arbonne skincare products. O.M.G. This stuff is phenomenal. My skin has never looked like this. Geesh, took me almost 40 years to find the stuff, but it's worth it. :)


kori said...

wow! skin is lookin' good sister! i'll have to get more info. from you in an e-mail :)
glad you enjoyed your sled trip! i sure do miss doing those things! although 55 degree weather in jan. isn't all that bad either.
i think of your mom often~my heart and prayers go out to her...

Heather D. White said...

LOVE that pic of you Michelle! Your skin DOES look awesome!!!! Very cool!

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. My thoughts and prayers goes out to you both. What a difficult thing to go through.

I too am so glad to be back into our school/life routine after the holidays. Things are finally starting to get back to "normal." Whatever normal is. LOL!