The Delish Girls!

Thanks to Kirsten from Delish Designs for this picture from the show! Left to right: me, Sally from Delish, Michelle Hill from Li'l Davis and Kirsten from Delish. These ladies were delightful, delovely, de-hilarious! haha We had so much fun meeting them. Kirsten is an organizer for the Australasian Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention being held in Brisbane in June. Anyone out there planning to go?

Went to visit my mom yesterday, and she looked surprisingly good for someone undergoing chemo and radation. I gave her a haircut and noticed that an awful lot of her hair is falling out. Kinda bummed for her, because the nurses all told her on the low dose of chemo that she's on it wouldn't fall out. She has the most beautiful snow-white hair, with lots of natural curl. Even now, at close to 80 years old, people comment on what gorgeous hair she has. It just breaks my heart to think she's going to lose it all.

Today is going to be a creative day...working on that new line...playing, experimenting, designing. :) I'm really excited about it! It's different than anything else out there!

I want to do an informal poll. What are your hot color predictions for spring/summer? What do you think will be the new trend? How about combos? And exactly what IS the new black?


Kori said...

cute picture! you're lookin' great!
hope you're getting lots done. taking lauren to see curious g. in a bit. i'll get back to ya later...

marlo said...

Sounds like CHA was a blast. Hope you are too hot with that whopping 20 degree weather.