Good Reads...

If you haven't checked out Stacy Kingman's blog yet, go read. I love how REAL she is, and that she ends each post with a scripture. Good stuff, man. And Ruth Aker of the Scrapbook Answers design team is funny, funny stuff and a fellow Alaska Girl! And go visit Dooce.com for some of the best humor around. She's a little raw (OK, maybe more than a little) but you've gotta love a girl who tells it like it is.

OK...nothing much else new today. Just wanted to share some good reads. Still sorting through my CHA schtuff, catching up on paperwork, oh, and working up an idea for a new line!!!! I'm STOKED on this idea. Can't wait to share it. Must. Keep. It. Secret. :)

Have a wonderful week!


Court said...

Ohhhh can't wait to see your new idea! LOVE lil davis!

Heather D. White said...

You little sneak! I can't WAIT to hear about your big secret!!!

StaceyKingman said...

You are the sweetest thing.
Just bless your heart!
Proverbs 11:25! :)

Libby Morris said...

Ah ha! Here you are... thought you might be blogging around here somewhere... lucky trade-show go-er!

How FUN is your life????

*Waving*... not stalking! lol

xx Libby Morris xx ;-)