Happy Sunday!

So far this weekend I've:
1. done 4 loads of laundry
2. washed 2 loads of dishes
3. talked to Stevan in Kuwait...yippee! He's almost home!
4. scrapped 10 more pages for the Kindergarten classroom album
5. watched Zathura...cute kids movie with a good message about not killing your siblings. lol
6. NOT painted my living room...again.

Today we have a birthday party for Paul's grandpa, who passed away more than twenty years ago, but his wife still celebrates his leap-day birthday every 4 years. Kinda sweet.

After that...more scrapping. Gotta get caught up on that book so I can move on to some of my own pages.

So far, my new goals of reconnecting with friends...not so much. Exploring? If you count trying out a new grocery store, then yup. Ho Hum. My Everyday Life? Kinda boring. But nice.

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em said...

hey, you've done a LOT this week! i would be proud of that list! good luck with your goals, i caught up with an old friend today and its so worth making the effort.