Taking out the garbage.

Going into Anchorage today to see my mom. She has an MRI of her brain to see if the cancer has spread. We've stopped her treatments because the tumor was continuing to grow, even with chemo and radiation, and she just wasn't tolerating them very well. We couldn't have increased the treatments. So we stopped. And now we just wait and watch her day-to-day health, and make sure she's comfortable.

I have about a million other things to do today. Since I've taken over my mom's finances, running two households (actually, three, until she sells her home in Portland) is exhausting me. It's a full-time just just sorting the mail these days.

Man, I sound like a real downer today, huh? I don't mean to. I guess I just needed to get that "stuff" out, and get rid of it so I can start my week off with a clear mind.

Happy Monday. :) Have a terrific week!


Kori said...

hey! safe travels into anchorage! you have held it together so well...and have been so strong through this whole process...hang in there and enjoy the time you have with your mom! hugs....

Heather D. White said...

Have a safe trip to Anchorage! Hope that everything goes well with your mom. Please keep us posted!