Mail Love!!

It was a good day all around. :)

Look what Kori sent me! A box of pure indulgence. She knows I love coffee, so bought me this killer mug (which, by the way, I coveted forEVER when Donna had it up on her blog banner), yummy Gevalia coffee, these cute, cute folders, pencils, ribbons, flowers and gems! Thank you, Kori!! This was such a nice way to start off my week. :)

And...I got good news about my mom today. Yesterday they took an MRI of her brain to see if the lung cancer has spread, and it hasn't. I'm so relieved. For now, the cancer is holding steady.

And these are my kids on Valentine's Day. :) Look at Sam! He looks like stud a little studmuffin. He's all about looking good for special occasions. :)

Thanks again, Kori! I love my box of goodies. I tore into it right there in the post office parking lot. haha

Oh, I don't remember if I posted this before or not? You know how excited I am for Kori, being chosen for the Scrapbook Answers design team, right? Well, the last time I was at my grocery store I spied the latest issue on the magazine stand, and couldn't resist the urge to move all the copies to the FRONT of the rack. I lined 'em all up along the row with the craft/hobby/home dec mags. heehee Leslie Ayers was such a sweetheart to me at CHAW...I figured I'd help 'em out a little. :)


Kori said...

you're so welcome...bout' time i send YOU something! glad you like. i was wondering if you would remember where you had seen that mug before :)
glad to hear your mom is doing well and the tumor hasn't grown.
the kids look so cute. sam looks just like paul. wow!
oh, and thanks for putting sba up front for all to see! check out the new design team section of their web site. or check my blog.

Court said...

so glad to hear your mom is doing well and the MRI was clean. Oh I love that magazine. Congrats to your friend Kori. I love her work.

Have a wonderful day.