Girls' Day!

Stevan is probably somewhere over Europe right about now. It's a 20 hour trip back home, with lots of stops. Can't wait to post that he's safely on the ground in CO!!

Paul and Sam are going to a gun show today, so that means.....Girls' Day! Sage, Maggie and I will go do something totally girly today, like shopping or scrapping or having lattes and gossiping. Love having those days. :) Love having girls!

I totally splurged on my granddaughter yesterday. She turns 2 on the 19th. :) Of course, I don't really NEED a reason to go baby clothes shopping. I picked up SIX pairs of shoes (Paul just rolled his eyes), some super-cute jeans with a painted design and frayed bottoms, t-shirts, a plush cow, a farm animals book, onesies, socks, a gorgeous Easter dress and little white sweater. Every little girl needs a little white cardigan to wear over her dresses. :)

So....I'm off to get dressed and ready for girls' day. :)

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em said...

hey michelle! ok, GRANDDAUGHTER? aren't you like 20-something?!!! me no understand! haha! girls days are the best though, i hope you had fun!