Look at these shoes! I wish the picture conveyed the size better. They are itty bitty and so stinkin' cute! And what little girl doesn't need pink golashes?!

And here's the birthday card I made for Maddie with the new SEI paper. Totally diggin' the colors. :)

The scoop on my grandbaby: She belongs to Stevan, my 22 year old stepson. My husband isn't much older than I am, so we get some funny looks when we talk about our grandbaby. He just started young. haha! (But Em, I'm totally flattered you thought I was 20-something. I'm turning 38 in two weeks. And that's really saying something, because you've seen me and my wrinkles close up and in person! )

We watched "Pride and Prejudice" last night...LOVED it. But I'm a sucker for a love story. My husband gave me the stink-eye when he saw what I'd rented. What a dork. He missed a good movie.

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Kori said...

cute cute cute....boy she's taking in a haul, huh! what a good g.ma!
i feel funny calling you that, ya know! :) oh, love that sei paper too. haven't seen that yet. way cute!