Happy 2nd Birthday, Maddie!

We had Spring Break this week. It sure doesn't look or feel like Spring. It's been super-cold, windy and basically icky for Alaska this time of year.

My mom moved in with us a little over a week ago. We found out that the owner of the assisted living home where she stayed was being abusive to her, so I've been looking for another alh near my house. Nothing so far. Adult Protective Services is doing an investigation on the home, but says it is really difficult to take any type of action against these homes, even when it's the employees who report the owner, because the laws are inadequate.

I haven't scrapped all week. I did go sit at my desk and put together a little goodie package for Kori. It felt good to sit and be surrounded by my scrap stuff. My stuff doesn't expect anything from me, doesn't stress me out, doesn't add to my overwhelming burden.

OK...I told myself I wouldn't come here and be all depressing. But this is it. This is my life today. This is what is on my mind. Blech. Feels kinda good to get it out. But my apologies if any stuck to you while reading.

I just downloaded the "Lucky" mini-kit from Heather Ann. Don't know what the hell I'll do with it as I'm not a digital scrapper. But it's stinkin cute!

I picked out the new flooring for the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and hall. It's a pretty vinyl that looks like stone tile in a natural grayish stone color. And I decided on Berber for the living room in a light taupe. I'll post some pictures after installation.

On the agenda for today:
Two science fair projects for the girls to finish.
One assisted living home to visit.
One closet to clean out.
One phonecall to my granddaughter, Madison, to wish her Happy Birthday!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

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Kori said...

YAH!!! a new post!! sounds like you're busy today! glad you picked out your flooring...now you can paint w/o worrying about the flooring :)
good luck with the assisted living home! hope it's a go!
can't wait for my pkg. to arrive :)i always know it's going to be good :) hee hee
hope maddie likes all of the goodies you got her!!