Thank you all for the birthday comments and emails. :) I don't feel 38. So weird. It sounds WAY too close to 40. Dinner out was really nice. I had a humongous chimi and fried ice cream. Mmm, mmm. But now I need to go hop on the Gazelle and burn off about 1,000 calories, man.

My mom moved into a new alh yesterday. It's such a beautiful place with a gorgeous mountain view and a relaxing atmosphere. I hope she can settle in and be content there. She was NOT happy about moving and told me she thought I was abondoning her there, but I know that some of that is the dementia talking. She doesn't understand that she needs a lot more care than I am capable of giving her.

On the homefront, Sam lost a front tooth yesterday at school. I'll post a pic later of Mr. Jack-o-lantern face. He looks too stinkin' cute and has the funniest lisp now...after he worked so hard in speech to overcome it, now it's back!

It's been up in the 40's this week...maybe Spring is here? I'm hoping! I bought a tan package so I can get ready to wear short sleeves again (because goodness knows I don't get a tan in the Alaska sun!).

Have a great Thursday, girls (I'm assuming not too many guys read my ramblings) and go do something nice for yourself today. I'm going to!

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Kori said...

glad she's settled and hopefully feeling better about the move. so what did you do for yourself today? :) anything fun!!!