To grow, or not to grow?

The girls and I stopped by Pier 1 yesterday and I picked up these new reversible placemats, napkins and charger. Yum! I love the color combination. These are the colors I'll use in the living room, too. I love that store!

I forgot to post on my weekend recap that Sage won FIRST PLACE in the science fair at school for her grade! She was so excited and I was very proud. I think her presentation skills are what helped her grade. She's got a lot of confidence and poise for a 10-year old. :)

Kori inspired me to get back into working out again, so today I start using the Gazelle a few times a week until it's warm enough to walk outside. I might even get back into lifting again. Lord knows I could use some muscle tone. haha!

I'm having a major hair dilemna. Again. To grow out, or not to grow out. That's what keeps me between styles! Ack. I really, really would love to have it long enough to wear it in a pony (albeit a short one) or little pigs, just because I think it's so dang cute (ala kellicrowe ) but it's the getting there that drives me totally insane! Then I see someone like Jody with her short, spunky blonde hair, and I want to do that. Guess I have some serious hair envy issues.

OK, I'd better get my bunz in gear and get the kids ready for school. Happy Monday!

PS..I'm open to hairstyle suggestions!

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