Photo Shoot

My friend Darjon did a photo shoot for us last night and here are just a few of the shots she got. The first is my brother Gary, sisters Carol and Sandra, and Mom. Next is six of the seven of us, Brett, Gary, me, Jolene, Carol, Sandra and Mom. Mom and me. And Mom. She has the most beautiful white hair. I'm hoping mine turns the same color (far, far in the future of course!). She's had a few really good days, so it's been a great visit for them.

Mom has declined a lot over the past two weeks and I didn't know if she'd still be here by now. She's started to hallucinate and regress, but thankfully we've found the right combination of medicines to keep her comfortable and calm and she still has moments of clarity now and then. Thank God for Hospice. They have been absolute angels and such a great support system for me. I can call them anytime I have questions and anytime Mom needs anything. With their help I've been able to enjoy spending time with my mom, instead of worrying and stressing over her health.

I'm having everyone over later tonight for a halibut dinner...they all wanted to try some Alaskan seafood (they're from Iowa/Illinois) so this'll be a treat for them!


Kori said...

darjon did a great job!! the pictures are so nice! your mom looks soooo good!!! and i'm lovin' your hair :) so glad you and your family were able to gather together and be with your mom before things start to change even more. hugs...

Heather D. White said...

WOW! The photos turned out absolutely awesome! They will be a priceless treasure!