Sound "Bite"...

Did this layout tonight of my daughter, Sage, who LIVES with her iPod permanently connected to her head. The big black tag pulls out to show the playlist (still need to journal that part). The green paper is Sei, shut up tag is MM, Heidi chipboard alphas (black), MM chipboard alphas (green), Lil Davis chipboard alphas (red), 7g's gaffer tape (february), and a few other doo dads.

I had a really productive day today. Got all my bill paying done for the next month, balanced the checkbook, did a mountain of filing, and got everything pulled together to do my taxes tomorrow.

I went tanning tonight, and to pass that excrutiatingly long 15 minutes in the booth I surfed 2p's on my Blackberry. Saw some really cute, inspiring stuff!

OK, gotta go clean up the HUGE mess I made doing that layout. Amazing how much stuff I drag out and don't actually use.


Kori said...

super cute lo! love all of the schtuff! so, are your eyes covered (protected) when you are in the booth sister?

ruthimus said...

I love that layout! I might just try the museum too!