A Quiet Saturday...No Foolin'!

It's gorgeous outside...sunny and not TOO cold...and where am I? Inside at my desk! I got the itch to scrap another layout of Maddie. More crummy pictures, but still love them anyway. :)

Got a TON of housework done this morning, which always puts me in the mood to scrap. It seems like if I let the house stuff go, I can't sit down and really focus on anything creative.

We watched Yours, Mine & Ours last night. It was a cute movie. I found myself really loving that military precision with which the Admiral ran his house. Maybe I'm secretly longing for more order in my life?

I totally fell for Rhonna's April Fool on her blog this morning. She had me going for a minute! I'm surprised my crazy husband hasn't pulled a gag on me yet. He's the king of pranks!

OK, I feel one more layout coming on. :) Having so much fun scrapping my granddaughter. WEIRD to say that!! It makes me want to hug her and squeeze her and not let her go. I can't wait till we can finally meet her.


Natalie said...

I love your title...super cute. I also enjoy when my house is clean...it always seems to be the perfect time to sit down and scrapbook...helps me think better!!! LOL. I love the older version of that movie, although I haven't seen the remake yet. I think if I had 12 or 18 kids or whatever it is they have...I would go nuts!!!! I do like the order though...

Kori said...

fun layout!! lauren wants me to rent that movie too...she's seen commercials...ha ha :)