Holy Cow!

It's been longer than I thought since I blogged! To recap the past few weeks:

School's out!! The kids finished up their first year at the charter school, and I'm very certain it was the BEST decision to move them there.

Project Lawn is in full swing. We've had to take several days off because of rain, but made tons of progress so far. It's ready to fertilize and seed now! A few thousand dollars could have saved us weeks and weeks of picking up rocks, raking, leveling...but it wouldn't be as rewarding. I'm putting in two perennial beds and put in a raised veggie bed.

I've started work at the assisted living home where my mom was. I love it! The residents are just as sweet as they can be...and even when they're not being sweet, it's still a kick in the pants. Old people don't ever lose their spunk or their sense of humor. We have one male and four female residents and the man is quite the flirt. One of the ladies said one day "I've had to train two husbands and I don't have the time or the energy to train another" when our gentleman resident was trying hard to win her over.

The Arbonne business is going great. I'm learning a lot every day and am loving the challenge of stretching my comfort zone to include giving public presentations. Never was too hip on that, but I'm finding it easier each time.

Maggie's eyelashes are growing back in. I can't remember if I blogged about that or not, but she has alopecia (remember when I thought she was pulling out her hair? It turns out it WAS falling out, just like she said) and had lost all her beautiful, long eyelashes. It looks like it's beginning to fall out in the same spot on the top of her head again, too. It's frustrating and heartbreaking because there just isn't anything we can do about it.

I got my hair cut SHORT for summer...I love it! It's kinda spikey/chunky on the top with longer bangs. So easy and quick to do. And it's really blonde!

Sage, Sam and Paul went black bear hunting last week and were trapped in the tree by two GRIZZLY bears!!! They got some of the coolest video of a boar and sow doing this whole courtship wrestling, play fighting and attempted mating. It was only attempting because the male looked young and inexperienced, and even though the female was being very patient and accomodating, he just couldn't seem to seal the deal and was happy just to "play" instead. Only in Alaska! It was quite an education for my 6 year old!! They finally got the male to leave and were able to get down from their tree stands and come home. Paul called from the tree and I could actually HEAR the bears barking and growling at each other.

That's the past few weeks in a nutshell. Having a terrific summer!

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