Sharing some layouts...

Here are a few layouts I did over the summer. "Accidental Tourists" is about a day trip to Talkeetna. We totally did the tourist thing...taking all the favorite Talkeetna poses. Even though I've lived here for a long time now, there are lots of tourist-y spots I haven't been to! Busy, busy layout! For "accidental", I used my Urban Camo rubon alphas for Li'l Davis in "Major QT" colors. The chipboard alphas are Li'l Davis, too.

"Camp" is Sage at, well, camp. lol A quick and easy one. HS chipboard title.

"Rosie" is Stevan's new 2-year old step-daughter. The picture is really orangey because I swiped it from their online gallery, so the quality is pretty bad. But she is such a cutie. It's the first time I used the Heidi "bling"...how fun is that stuff? And the big flower is one of my Li'l Davis designs. It says "little one" on each petal.

And "love..." is using some pics of me and the kids that Darjon took. I kept looking at the "abc" part at the bottom thinking "where have I seen that before". Well, duh. Jenni Bowlin did that EXACT design for her layout on the back of the chipboard letter packaging. rofl! So, thanks for the inspiration, Jenni!

I have had a layout on my desk for a few weeks now that is in the "thinking and rearranging a million times" stage. Do you ever do that? Pull all the elements together, then shift them around and around and eventually just give up?

I think I may have upset the birds and they've rejected their eggs. I cleaned out the cage yesterday and ever since then, they have stayed off the eggs. Poor Zeke is so stressed out...she has been pacing back and forth on her perch all morning, and won't quit squawking. She usually never makes a peep. So now the eggs are in danger of going cold. :( Anyone have birds that can give advice?

Have a happy day. I'm going to go try to tackle that layout!

edited: For some reason, Blogger won't let me upload two of the layouts. I'll try to show them in a seperate post.

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