Holy Moly

Has it really been almost two months since I blogged??? Oops.

In a nutshell:

Kids are doing great in school. Sam's kicking hiney in first grade. His spelling is SO good. Sage and Maggie are chugging right along. I'm digging the whole multi-age classroom plan, and how seamlessly they go from one year to the next, without having any "review" time at the beginning of the year. Love that.

We've been heading North to our property and future site of our cabin, to start clearing the spot to build on, and cutting in lots of trails. And I must say, I'm getting darn handy with a brush cutter! haha A skill every good Alaskan woman needs, right? Wish you could see how buff my arms are!

I'm still working on-call at the assisted living home. I love those ladies! But it sure makes me miss my mom.

Tomorrow I have an interview to get my sub certificate, so I'll be subbing off and on at the kids' school. Sam informed me that he'd be "sooooo embarrassed" if I worked there. Hmph. I spend so much time volunteering that I might as well get paid for it, right?

Still trying to get through the probate process of my mom's estate. It's been a learning experience, and has really motivated me to do some planning of my own. You're never too young to have your affairs in order! It's a gift you give to those you leave behind. I want to make it as easy as possible on my children when I 'm gone.

The first picture is the kids on a weekend trip to Skookum Lodge (our future cabin). Sage and I take turns driving the 4-wheeler and Maggie and Sam ride with Paul in the 6-wheeler. That is, until last week. Paul got a wild hair and got a new toy...the 8 wheel Argo, in the second picture. Yep, it can even go in the lake. Well, we can all ride in it, even the dog. It's almost like riding in a car. So now I can have my coconut latte on the way to the cabin. haha No more driving through the mud in the 4-wheeler. :)

Ooooh! I almost forgot. We're expecting! Baby birds. :) Our cockatiels have a clutch of 5 eggs, so far. They lay one every other day, so there's no telling how many more to expect. Not TOO many, I hope. But it's been so much fun to watch them take care of the eggs. The male and female (Roscoe and Zeke) take turns sitting on the eggs and are so protective of their little "family". About 8 more days until they start to hatch!

Well, if anyone is still out there reading, I hope your October is wonderful. Hug your mom, if you can. I miss my mom every day. But I know she's at peace, and that's comforting. Hug your kids, because it's good for your soul!

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