August....where did July go?! School starts in just over a week here. I'm not as excited about that prospect as I usually am. The kids did great this summer...or maybe because it's because I've been working? No one has killed anyone yet, so that's always a plus. ;)

I haven't snapped a single picture this summer, though! How did that happen? I haven't scrapped a page in months, either. It'll be fun catching up this winter. :)

The resident I was caring for passed away two weeks ago, so I'm back to working part-time. I wasn't there when he passed, but his family said it was peaceful. I was supposed to work that day but had switched shifts with another caregiver because my husband's family was coming in from Scotland to visit. I went to his funeral and was sad about my mom all over again.

Paul's sister and her husband and four boys came from Scotland for "holiday". We had lots of laughs trying to decode some of their slang. I learned not to call the kids "buggers"...oops! And try to explain a biscuit to a Scot! haha And did you know the price of gas there is $8.50 a gallon!! And they have a 49% income tax!!! Yikes. Love the accent, though.

Sage and Maggie both got adorable short haircuts for school. So stinkin' cute on them. :)

Take care!


Cyndi said...

definitely need pics!!

Heather D. White said...

HOLY CRUD...not a single pic this summer? MICHELLE! Shame on you! What you have LACKED in picture taken, I have made up for. I took 650 pics on our BEAR LAKE VACATION ALONE! Crazy...I know. LOL!