I love Fall!

It always seems like Fall puts me in the mood to sew. I made this cute little pumpkin the other day. Of course, there is already a foot of snow outside, and it doesn't look much like Fall.

First quarter conferences are over and the kids are doing so great in their classes! I'm really glad I made the switch to the charter school system.

I've been scrappin' lots of layouts for Sam's classroom album...8.5x11 is so weird to work on for me. I just can't use more than one picture per page and make it look balanced. But I figured I'd better hurry up and get last year's Christmas program scrapped before we have this year's!

Baby birds are doing well...they ended up being Buster and Muffin. Now let's hope we have a boy and a girl. haha Buster is older by 3 days, and is starting to get real feathers and to open his eyes. It's been so cool to watch them grow. He's 2 weeks old today.

Have a great weekend!

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Kori said...

CUTE pumpkin! love it! still feels fallish here...:) hee hee
glad to hear the babies are doing well....