Buster, 16 days Muffin, 13 days

Here are some new pics of Buster and Muffin...top pic is Buster at 16 days. You can see his pinfeathers have come in, both eyes are open and his crop is nice and full (he eats like a pig!). Middle pic shows both babies' headfeathers...Buster's are yellow and Muffin's are gray. You can also see Buster's tiny tailfeathers coming in. And at bottom is tiny Muffin, with the beginnings of gray headfeathers. I think Muffin's a girl, because she's much less vocal, and smaller than Buster was 3 days ago. I still have to take Buster out of the nest box after he eats so Muffin can get fed. Buster will eat her meal, too, if we let him! Isn't it so cute how they use each other for a headrest? I read that if there are several babies in a clutch, they'll form a circle and rest their head on the next baby.

Things are good here... I didn't get any inspiration from the craft bazaar yesterday, except that I did pick up a locker hooking kit to try. That's one craft I haven't given a shot yet. haha

Have a terrific weekend!

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Kori said...

oh my gosh these pict. are too funny. so ugly their cute!