No more fugly ducklings!

What a difference a couple weeks makes. Left to right, Roscoe (the dad), Muffin, 5 weeks, Buster, 5 weeks 3 days, and Zeke (the mom). Buster started flying a few days ago! And I think Muffin isn't far behind. She's flapping her little wings like crazy. Whenever Buster takes off, Zeke is right behind him...she keeps a very close eye on him. It's so cool to watch. For a sassy bird, she really is a good mom.

They're still being fed by mom and dad, but can eat seeds and soft veggies and fruits on their own, too. They love peas but won't touch carrots. Here's Roscoe, being pestered by Muffin and Buster to be fed.

I got the house all decorated for Christmas. Put my cranberry scented plug-ins in. Yummy. I kept the same cranberry and tan theme as last year. I think the rustic look suits our family best. Even though I'm dying to do some pink decorations!

I'm having my first Pampered Chef party tomorrow night...making shrimp cakes and molten lava cakes. It's really just an excuse to make some yummy foods I wouldn't normally make on any old weeknight. ;)

Have a terrific week!

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Kori said...

OMG i was shocked to see the birds!!! they have feathers and are big! crazy how fast they grow!
how'd the party go? sounds like you make some yummy food!