Getting in the Spirit!

It usually takes one good gathering to get me in the holiday mood. I'm definitely ready now! I made this little bouquet for the table last night, and got out my holiday china set. I love just hanging out with my girlfriends, and it's even better when we have lots of yummy food! I made Tuscan Bean Spread which I'd only give 2 stars because it just lacks a little pizzazz, Kalamata Olive Spread which is SO yummy that it gets 4 stars, Sizzling Coconut Shrimp Cakes that are incredible, with fresh ginger, and Cheesy Cherry Coffee Cake that was probably the biggest hit of the party. It's more like a cherry cheesecake pizza than a coffee cake. So delish!

We have a 50th birthday party bash to go to tomorrow and I think I'll take the shrimp cakes and maybe some goat cheese tarts and phillo wrapped asparagus. It's no wonder I gain 10 lbs. over the holidays. Sheesh! All I can think about is food!

Have a great weekend!

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Kori said...

ya, well at least you only gain during the holidays! :) some of us gain year round! ha that olive spread sounds so good...i may have to make that for a couple of our parties....thanks...