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There's something very motivating about the end of a year. I'm racking my brain, trying to make sure I've done all the annual household/family tasks before the new year. So we're been busy with dentist appointments, eye appointments, furnace cleanings, oil changes and on and on. But it feels so good to have those things checked off "the list". I love to make lists, but I rarely get around to checking things off them. haha

I made a couple cute button ball ornaments, thanks to Kori's inspiration! This one is for my tree, and I made another in pink, shell and wood buttons for my employer. I am hooked! I need to go buy more pins before I can make any more, though.

Sage is the proud new owner of eyeglasses! Aren't these adorable! Don't mind her messy hair and jammies. She just rolled out of bed. You can't see, but they're lime green on the inside. They're Kate Spade...so stinkin' cute! Sam was totally steamed that he didn't need glasses...yet. I'm guessing another two years or so. He's a little farsighted, which is weird because the girls and I are all nearsighted. People comment all the time, by the way, how much Sage looks like me. I don't see it? But I must hear it at least daily. She's almost as tall as I am now!

I had my staff Christmas party Saturday...they totally spoiled us with gifts! I am really loving working there, even if it's just now and then. The residents are just a kick. They are so appreciative of the littlest things. They're all lived long lives and have worked hard, and now can sit back and enjoy the time they have left...and they appreciate everything we do for them. Talk about job satisfaction. :)

Paul's Christmas party is Saturday at Alyeska. We're spending the night and going skiing on Sunday. SO looking forward to a night out!! NOT looking forward to having to put on a swimsuit and get in a hot tub, though. Eek. Maybe a couple of cocktails will erase the inhibitions. haha

Have a terrific week!

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Kori said...

oh love the button ball :) the tasel is a great idea.... and sage is looking more and more like you! i totally see it! and the glasses are sooooo cute! have fun at the aleyeska party....dang i'm jealous i loved it there!!! i miss it!