Alaska: Not for Wimps

I was digging through a stack of old layouts and ran across this one I did a year ago. All Li'l Davis stuff. Not sure what's up with the funky blue spot on the upper right side? Anywho, wanted to share it. :)

It looks like MM is starting the contest over again on Monday, so even if you already voted, you'll have to vote again (possibly even re-register?) and cast another vote (for Kori, of course!). Hang in there! It will be so worth it to the eventual winner (hopefully Kori!). :)

It's cold, cold, cold again...it was -25° when I left for the gym today. Weigh/measure day is FRIDAY! I thought it was Monday and I had the weekend to be good, but the waiting will be over earlier than I expected. I'll share my results here when I get them.

On a side-note, I've been missing my mom like crazy lately. I think I had some sort of delayed grieving, because I've been crying an awful lot lately. Not sobbing, not overwhelming sadness, just a few tears here and there when something reminds me of her. I used her sewing machine to make the tote bags, and it's funny...the machine still smells like her. She was a smoker, so everything smells like cigarettes. I know, not the most pleasant thing, but I'll always associate that with her. And it's almost been a year since she passed...so hard to believe. I think she knows somewhere, somehow, that I'm needing her right now because I can kind of "feel" her closeby sometimes. It's really comforting. I got out some pictures of her last night and started to formulate a plan to create a scrapbook of her. It's gonna be tough, I can already tell. But I think it's something I need to do. I don't ever want my kids to forget her.

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Kori said...

that layout is too funny...i'm assuming you're taking a photo of the temp! :) ha ha it never seemed that cold up there though! maybe 2 weeks out of the winter and the rest it was mild...now that i'm used to the winters down here i'd probably freeze up there now! oh, sorry to hear you've been sad... it's good that you have so many good memories... an album of her is a great idea!