I'm going to have to postpone my weigh-in at the gym. The kids are still sick...Sam's on his 4th day of 103° temp, and that's with Ibuprofen. Sage's throat is still red and sore, and she's been on antibiotics for strep for 9 days. And Maggie's running a low-grade temp and has the stuffy/runny nose going on. She's on her 4th day of antibiotics for strep. I really don't want to make another trip to the doctor, but Sam hasn't been seen yet, and that fever is starting to worry me. Soooo...if you come to my house, try not to inhale! lol

I started work on a scrapbook of my mom last night. The first layout will be her 1st grade class picture from Sept. 21, 1934. It's so cool! I just ordered this kit from Jenni Bowlin Studio. It'll be perfect for working with old pictures. I'll share it when it's done. Before I get too wrapped up in scrapping, though, I need to figure out if these kids need to see the doctor again. Till then, have a wonderful day, and do something creative! It's good for the soul. :)

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