Doggie Daycare

Meet Cindy, my grandmother-in-law's dog. GG (great grandma for short) took a bigtime spill two nights ago while she was taking out her trash. So while she's recouperating in the hospital, we're taking care of Cindy. I can't get over how tough GG is. She split her head open right along the eyebrow (eyebrows that she had tatooed on!) just like a boxer would. She severed an artery, so she lost quite a bit of blood. But despite that, she was able to get herself up off the ground and walk quite a distance back to her apartment, in below zero temps, and call for an ambulance. Cindy was right by her side the whole time. GG forgot she had the lifeline button on a bracelet on her wrist, but that was probably for the better. She might have laid outside waiting for the ambulance and suffered hypothermia. I hate to even think about that. She's in really good spirits and joking with the nurses and doctors, and she should go home today. GG turns 89 next month.
Congratulations to Kori!!! She made it to the next round in the Making Memories Idol contest! So they're on to the next project and we'll get to vote again on Monday, I think. Way to go, Kori!
I finally got around to my weigh-in at Curves. My results were less-than stellar. My weight stayed exactly the same, I've lost 1" overall (it was 1/4" here, 1/4" there), and I've lost 1% body fat, which is a total of 1.15 lbs. of fat, or 4.6 sticks of butter, as they lovingly refer to it. lol I feel like after solid month of working out 3x a week with strength training, and some cardio thrown in sporadically, that I should have seen better results than that. Needless to say, I'm bummed. I FEEL better when I exercise, so that's a benefit, but I want more. I'm eating better than I did before, which means I'm balancing my carbs and proteins, lots of fresh veggies, I've stopped drinking soda, and I drink 3-4 quarts of water a day. I gave up my beloved dark beer on the weekend (that was a TOUGH one) and instead have a glass of wine, and even that is rare. So I'm not quite sure what else I need to do? I hate to think that Curves isn't going to be "enough" because I signed up for a whole year! I'm working HARD when I'm there. I know this because I am not able to join in on all the chatting that's going on around the circuit because I'm sweating and out of breath! The other ladies are swapping recipes and planning lunch dates, for crying out loud. lol
Iditarod XXXV is in full swing. Sam's teacher, Mrs. C, is married to musher Martin Buser, who's one of the current leaders. So this time of year is super-exciting in Sam's classroom. Mrs. C gives race updates and the kids all get to follow along for the duration of the race, which is sometimes up to 10 days long. This year the trail is very treacherous and several top mushers have had to scratch because of injury to themselves, the dogs or their sleds, so there's been lots of news to report. We're all rooting for Martin! He's won the race 4 times in the last 24 years, and we'd love to see him make it 5!

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