It's my last official...

Birthday! lol I keep telling the kids after this one I am not getting any older. 39 is as far as I go. From now on, they are free to ignore this date on the calendar, and treat it as they would any other day. :)

I got some cool goodies in the mail from Kori, and some fun Scenic Route awesomeness from Heather! I used the arrow die cuts from Heather on this layout. I love, love this picture of Paul. He and my brother Gary went on a caribou hunt last August and they found a run-down miner's cabin, so Paul made sure they got some good pictures. Can you believe he sewed that polar fleece vest and hat he has on, all by himself? (click on the picture to see it bigger). I love that guy. :)

The "Hubba Hubba" title rubon is one of my Urban Camo Footnotes for Li'l Davis. This one is one of the prototypes, and the finished product came in brown...so don't go looking for it in black, because you won't find it. lol

In honor of my birthday, how about a giveaway? I'll put together some scrapbook goodness, and I'll throw in one of the Hubba Hubba rubons in black. :) Just post a comment and I'll draw a name on Friday night. Just for fun, share a little something about your birthday in the comment. Are you dreading it? Looking forward to it? Or like me, have you stopped aging altogether? ;)


Stephanie Jedlicka said...

Oohhh I LOVE that page!! :) Happy birthday to you!

I love my birthday story...my mom's due date with me was April 1st (April Fool's Day), but I fooled her and decided to come on April 10 instead. Hehe! :)

Monica said...

saaawheeet page!
really love that
hubba hubba! my mom used
to say that to me when i was younger..bc my nickname was bubba. hehe.

anyways..happy birthday! i say keep celebrating. i love any occassion to celebrate..well anything! i love getting together with my friends and family and having a yummy dinner and cake. and of course the presents dont hurt either ;)
where i live, my bday is a holiday as well..so i also get to see fireworks every year. its radness! :D

Joyous said...

Haha...you will probably smack me and tell me I'm too young...but here goes! A couple weeks ago I realized that I'm going to be turning 25 next month! That's a quarter of a century! Any I started to cry...and told my husband about it...he turned 25 earlier this year...and I teased him a lot and called him an old man and stuff...so he's telling me I'm gonna get my payback when I turn 25...oh my! So I decided that for my next 5 birthdays I'm just turning 24...over and over...gosh, I still feel like I'm 18!

Gigi said...

awesome l/o! i really like your style!

& happy birthday!! i think one of my best birthdays was back in 99 when i spent my birthday riding in the El Tour de Tuscon Century Ride to raise $$ for Leukemia research. very cool experience.

Peggy Severins said...

Happy birthday. Hope you will be spoiled rotten. Enjoy!

Michelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I keep on celebrating bdays... it's the one day of the year I'm Queen for the Day! LOL!

Great layout!

Cathy said...

Love the HubbaHubba page - so cool - that arrow pointing at him! Love it. I personally, love birthdays. Everytime one rolls around I sit back and think...I don't have tons of $$, and I'm not living in my dream house, but I'm exactly where I want to be right now - SAHM, done having kids, DH with a job he loves....Birthdays make me content with life.

Helle Greer said...

What a GREAT layout.
Love how you did the title.