Saturday, 5am

Whoa. What happened to the rest of the week?! I've been trying to keep it fresh here, in case anyone besides Kori reads my blog. lol So sorry to those who've logged on to see Monday's post still there. What a week.

I got called for an interview on Wed. for that afternoon, so I buzzed home to iron the one pair of pants that still fits me (ugh...still no weight loss) but on the way the van overheated. Now there is nothing more humbling, frustrating, maddening than car trouble!! HATE.IT. Luckily I had just jumped out to check the oil and two nice gentlemen stopped to offer help. The heavens opened and out popped two angels! I kid you not. I am HELPLESS when it comes to mechanics. It's downright shameful. Anyhow, turns out I was totally out of coolant and they just happened to have a gallon with them. What are the odds? They fill it up and see that there's a leak in the system somewhere. So they said go STRAIGHT home, but watch the temp. gauge and if it starts to overheat again, pull over and add more coolant. Yikes. So I'm zooming home, praying the whole way. Then it dawns on me...how am I going to go to my interview? And who's going to pick up the kids from school? I called to reschedule the interview, and they were nice about it, but probably thought I was a total flake. And made arrangements for another parent to bring the kids home.

Next day...I have to drive Paul's truck to my interview. Get all dressed, get the kids off to school and head into town for the appt. His truck is squirrly on the icy roads and it rattles and sputters at the stoplights, sounding like it just wants to give up and die. Well, driving his truck had me so rattled that I forgot to be nervous about my invterview. Kind of a silver lining, don't you think?

Get there and did the interview. It was unlike any I've ever been to. I mean, "If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?" "Are you fear based, image based or anger based?" "Are you compliant or aggressive?" I kept having to ask her to elaborate on her questions (except the cartoon one. I figured that one out right away. lol) And I'm thinking that she must think I'm an idiot. But she really put me at ease and it was totally comfortable and even fun. At the end she said I was everything she thought I'd be. And I'm hoping that is a good thing. haha She said I had an impressive resume, and I said "well it's certainly diverse" I mean, who goes from product design to caregiving? lol I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. ;)

Fingers crossed I get the job!

So I come home from that and plan to sneak a little nap in before picking up the kids. Well, I go to get the kids and I had left the $#@((*## lights on and the truck battery died!!!!! I learned how to use a battery charger in a hurry.

Paul fixed the van Thursday night, so I have my wheels back. Yippee! And yesterday I went to the Anchorage Center for the Performing Arts to see Alonzo King's Lines Ballet with the girls. If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing it! Amazing. We saw "Migration" and "Sky Clad". It's very contemporary ballet...not classical ballet at all. The girls thought it was "weird" and "just wrong". So maybe leave the kiddos at home and make it a girls outing. Or take an open-minded guy along. One of my favorite parts was the lighting...it was all backlit with this golden light, and the dancers all had a glow about them. It was incredible.

So that brings me to Friday night and a quiet evening at home. I went to bed at 7:15. ??? So...now I'm up at 4:30 and reading blogs.

Hope your weekend is a fun one!

Don't forget, Monday is the next MMIdol round and 5 of the remaining 10 will be voted out of the competition. There's a twist this time! The projects will be posted anonymously. I think it levels the playing field for some of the lesser-known contestants. So it'll be interesting! Vote, vote, vote!


Ruth Akers said...

How is it that I never knew you lived in Alaska? And so close to me? I am going home soon so we must frolic!

Kori said...

glad paul got the wheels fixed! i would have been a nervous wreck driving his truck...ha hope you hear good news about the job.

Courtney DeLaura said...

ohhh car troubles = THE WORST!

can't wait to hear more about the outcome of your interview. . .
the cartoon character one would stump me LOL