Easter Orders...

There's a brand new challenge up at MMIdol, and another chance to vote! This time the ten designers will be narrowed down to just 5. Wow! But there's a twist. The projects are posted without names on them. Jenny Weston, from Making Memories says

We thought this would be a great way to put the focus on the design, rather than
the designer, and let their work speak for them.

Got any fun plans for the week? Me, not so much. I need to place an order with the Easter Bunny. I know, I know. I waited until the last minute, but I hear he's pretty good about the last-minute rush orders.

I didn't do anything scrappy over the weekend. Wait, I sorted my patterned papers. Does that count? I have about a 20 lb. stack that I want to get rid of. Yikes. Leftover from when I had my store.

Paul has gotten totally hooked on The Sopranos. I find this kind of funny, because really it's nothing more than a nighttime soap opera. Am I right? He took great offense to that suggestion. haha So I thought I'd ask the Easter Bunny to find some of the older seasons on dvd to stick in his basket. Since we're new to the whole thing, does anyone know how many seasons there were? Should I start from the beginning? We've been watching it on A&E and I'm not sure what season we're even watching now.

Alrighty, time to get the kids off to school and head to the gym. Have a great week! Do something scrappy. :)


shelly b said...

I don't know how many seasons of the sopranos, but theres a lot, at least 7.

joestephr said...

Joe and I have been addicted to The Sopranos from the beginning. Tony's mom was such a stinker that we loved her! The real episodes are a lot rougher than what A&E shows so be forewarned. There are 6 seasons and YES you need to start at the beginning! Season 6 also has two separate DVD's as well ( why ,..I don't know)The last season is about the start and we are so excited.
We miss Alaska!