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OK, on to the post. ;)

We're getting ready for Easter around here. And I can't be certain, but I think the Heavens opened, swallowed up my son, and spit out this little angel in his place.

I found the funniest, most worthwhile reading I've seen in a long time. If you do nothing else, go visit Ree and Marlboro Man at Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. She takes beautiful pictures, and lots of 'em. She has cute kids, and makes me want to be a better mom. And she's unabashedly in love with her husband, which is totally refreshing (and makes me feel slightly voyeuristic). Totally worth a visit!

Kori didn't make the last round of Making Memories Idol contest. I can't begin to tell you how bummed I am for her. Just making it to the top ten from a pool of thousands of applicants is HUGE, but in my own humble opinion, her projects were the best of the bunch! I'm proud of you, Kori!

I had a fun Easter brunch in Sam's classroom yesterday. Take a look at these poppyseed muffins one of the moms made. Just to explain a little: the muffins are topped with green sugar (grass) and have brown sugar around the bottom (dirt) with "root" details, and a flower made from a dum-dum sucker, chewing gum leaves/petals and Nerd ladybugs and bumble bees sits atop each one. Can you stinkin' believe she made over 70 of these?? Show-off.

This mama and baby moose scared the bejeebers out of me. Before I grabbed the camera and got this shot, mama was standing about 6 inches from the window, which is right above my desk. See how she's holding her left front leg? It's badly mangled, possibly from getting tangled in a fence somewhere, or stuck in the ice. She was limping noticably, but still was eating and taking care of her baby. I never get tired of watching these fuzzy hoofers, and just sat at my desk for the better part of an hour, while they tore the lower branches off of the birches next to the chicken coop.

This is the calf, probably a 2 year old, just about ready to wean. See the coop in the background? It's over 6 ft. tall. And the baby can just about sit her chin on top of it.
Alrighty, time to chill out on the couch with a Sam Adams Cream Stout and my hubby and Season One of the Sopranos. Keep your eyes peeled for moose on the loose. ;)

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Kori said...

sam, doing housework? wow! he must have been hoping for that really BIG easter basket! :) hope you guys had a nice easter....
boy, i miss those moose photos! (i'm not missing the snow though!)
thanks again for rootin' for me through the contest....