Call of the Wild

Spring is finally showing its face around here. Its muddy, drippy, slushy, cold, windy face. The toys that we planted out in the yard are coming up nicely. One sure sign of Spring. The first to poke through the snow are usually the bikes. They're really looking hardy this year. The ride-on toys are slow to emerge, but they are shade-lovers anyway, usually hanging out under the deck or behind the shed. No sign of any garden tools yet, but I'm sure they'll pop out eventually. Those little devils have been known to transplant as far south as behind the chicken coop.

Seriously, I love this time of year. Break Up. The "other" season. After seven months of winter, it looks pretty damn appealing. I was digging through some old pictures, and couldn't remember if I'd shared these here or not.
This is the view of Denali from our property up north. The ground looks a little lackluster and boring, but hidden underneath the lichen are hundreds of acres of blueberries. I might actually develop a taste for the wretched things yet. There are also low-bush cranberries and watermelon berries. And where there are berries, there are bears. I just hope they have sense enough to steer clear of me because there's no telling what calamity might ensue at that little encounter.

Sam shot this spruce hen last summer, by the lake out behind our house. He obviously had no time for me to comb his hair. He was in too much of a hurry to hit the trail. The spruce hen's not having such a great day, either, come to think of it.
Spring's calling me. Luring me outside. I can't wait to dig in the dirt. To plant seeds and watch them grow. The long hibernation is almost over.

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Kori said...

oh man, seeing that photo makes me miss AK even more! (but NOT the 7 months of winter of course!!) hang in there...won't be long and you'll be swattin' bird size mosquitos...but LOVING those long summer days.... i miss that so much!