Some fun stuff...

Quite awhile ago, I worked on a mini-book with Jenni, Faye and Michelle for Li'l Davis, but I never got to see the finished project. I was so tickled that my friend, Darjon, grabbed a copy of it for me. I did "Footprints" (my name isn't on that one) and "Dream" and "You and Me", which is actually a 2 page spread. Darjon let me use pictures of her cute little girls, Sophia and Maia. I know, I have two girls of my own, but my pictures of them are not-so-good. lol That's Sage having her footprints done at the hospital, minutes after she was born.

The book is full of great themed album ideas that are quick and easy. I think Darjon said she picked it up at Barnes and Noble. It's put out by Practical Publishing and you can order online, too.

It was fun to finally get to see it in print. :) Thanks, Darjon!

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Kori said...

yah!!! very cool...i'll have to look for it!!!