May 10, I'll be teaching this coaster book class at The Scrap Shack in Wasilla. I'm excited to get back into doing some classes! If you're local and want to sign up, call 376-4430 for details. There'll be 3 different color combos to choose from, so if this doesn't ring your bell, there are other choices.
For the last month, Sam's been studying poetry in his classroom. He chose a rather ambitious poem to recite at the elocution, and it caused lots of angst and tearful practice sessions at home. But just look how proud he is of himself. I mean, his chest is about to burst from his shirt, he's straining so hard to show off his medal. He recited the entire thing without missing a word.

Maggie has this funny habit of naming the wild things that visit our yard. This Spruce Hen who roosted in a birch tree yesterday was dubbed Jefferson. She smuggled Paul's camera outside and took, oh, 43,342 picutres of him. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see her creative side developing more everyday.

Alrighty, I'd better wrap this up before Blogger eats my post. Have a fantastic weekend. I'll be putting together class kits, and doing poop patrol out in the yard. Don't worry, I'll wash between activities!

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Kori said...

sam cracks me up! look at that grin! ha ha he looks so proud! good for him!
love that little book! so cute!