Happy 12th birthday, Sage! I can't believe how early these little stinkers are up. I thought I'd sneak out of bed about 6 so I could clean up, print off some birthday party pictures, and finish up our craft from yesterday, but about 6:15 I hear giggling from upstairs. So much for a productive morning! Sage's sleepover was a blast. What an awesome group of girls. There's no jealousy, pettiness or other yucky girl stuff amongst them. Just genuine friendship. Moms of girls can appreciate what I'm saying.

Sage got Heelys from us and quickly figured out she rolls a lot faster if she has Ginger pull her. haha!

OK, I had a long post all planned out in my head, but it's not happening this morning. The girls are up and they're HUNGRY.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Cyndi said...

I can't believe she's 12 already!!

Kori said...

happy b-day sage! glad to hear the party went well! sounds like everyone had fun! look at maggie in that photo! wow! the girls are getting so big! sage is changing so much in looks....guess she's growing up!

Anonymous said...

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