Hamming it up for the camera...

Buster needs to work on his landing a little, but I think overall the act is coming along nicely.
The feathers make Ginger sneeze sometimes, though.
Photo credits to Maggie and Sage for the silly pet tricks. :)

I don't know about where you live, but here in Alaska, this is what Spring looks like. (Ignore the blur in the picture. I think the lens fogged up when I went outside.) This is about 1/4 of our lot. I now think we were crazy to plant all this grass! It doesn't look like much now, but over the next few weeks it should green up and look like a lawn. :) I have blisters on my blisters from raking so much over the past week. Ouch. Not sure exactly what we'll do with all these *&$! leaves. I don't mind the raking, it's dealing with them afterwards that stinks.
The perennial bed in the middle under the two trees has some hostas, berengia (sp?) and fern. Fingers crossed they'll come back up this year. I learned that just because a plant says perennial, that doesn't necessarily apply to Alaskan climate, and they are only good for one season. I'm going to put a hammock between the trees this summer.
The box in the corner is our veggie bed. I've got cucumber, zucchini and herb starts to transplant next month. I want to do tomatoes, too, but I'll start those from plants (I've never had good luck starting them from seed). I'll do sugar snap peas, carrots and radish from seeds, too, but I'll sow those directly in the bed, since they're faster growing.
The kids like to do annuals in pots, and it's always fun to see what they choose at the greenhouse. I'll post pictures next month of those. :)

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Kori said...

OMG those pict. of ginger and the bird are too funny!
the yard looks great! isn't there an empty lot or ditch somewhere paul could haul the leaves to and accidently let them blog out. ha ha we had the woods behind us when we lived up there, so that's where we dumped everything. it will be nice when all of the veggies and flowers come in!