It's Monday, and that means...

I don't know what that means?! I mean, I am feeling a little lost. Out of sorts. All of a sudden, this summer schedule doesn't feel right. I have TOO much free time. Is there such a thing? I guess I'm just feeling like summer's going by quickly and we haven't really taken full advantage of it. I guess it's time to schedule a few activities, to organize myself a little, so I don't feel so discombobulated. Usually, I love Mondays because they mean the kids will be back in school, Paul goes back to work and I start my week out in a semi-planned fashion.

OK, since that's off my chest. lol

We had a great Father's Day weekend here. Paul got a scanoe-a square stern canoe-so we took it for a paddle around the lake. I actually really enjoyed it! I say that because I'm not a big fan of the water, normally. But the canoe felt really stable, not tippy at all, and there was something very relaxing about rowing, and the quiet of it all. Oh, and speaking of quiet. Paul came up with a name for the new ultra-quiet fishing vessel-Silent, but Deadly. haha!!! I think it's pretty clever. Maggie never quite warmed up to the idea of a canoe ride, but we're working on it.

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