Random stuff...

So I have nothing earthshattering to write about, but the house is quiet, the kids are still in bed, and I'm in the mood to play on the computer. :)

I'm working on another class for The Scrap Shack (Heather, I hope that's OK!). You know how you get into a mode or mindset...now everywhere I look there are idea for projects or new things I want to try. I even started carrying around an idea journal again. Something I haven't done since I worked for Li'l Davis. I have some fun product ideas I'm working on, so who knows? I might get back into it?

A sad thing to have to write about...the baby chickadees are all gone. It was too soon for them to leave the nest on their own, so we think a Magpie probably got them. We've had one hanging around the yard this week. :( We were all looking forward to them taking their first flights.

On a happier note, we're going to a wedding in Homer next weekend and staying at Land's End resort. It's the kids' first time spending the night in a hotel, and they are totally jazzed. Nevermind that we're attending a formal wedding and what'll probably be a very swanky reception. All they have talked about is ordering room service! haha

And just because I hate to post without including a picture, I wanted to share this one of Paul and Sam playing "Army" out in the yard. See Sam in the helmet hiding in a hole? haha And look how intent Paul is, whispering his "orders" for Sam to "move out". haha This just makes me smile.

Have a great week! Oh, the class for this week is full now, so if you missed out and want to take the next one, I think it'll be on the calendar in the next couple of days. I'm not sure of the themes yet, but it'll be two 2-page layouts using lots of photos again. I have some more fun ideas I want to try!

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Kori said...

i love homer! have fun! we've stayed at the lands end too. pretty nice! good food! but then again most of AK food is good! :)
cute pict. of the boys! :)
yah...glad the class is full! i still want a sneak peek!