Jr. Photographer

Maggie snuck Paul's camera outside yesterday and snapped up a bunch of cool pictures. She's such a natural at this. I know, I know. I've said that before. lol But I'm just so insanely jealous of her "eye". I mean, she doesn't even think about it, or stop to compose the shot. She just pushes the shutter and out pops these gorgeous photos. This windmill is in my yard, and I've photographed it a hundred times, trying to capture it in a cool way. She takes ONE picture, and look! Maybe I need to be 4 feet tall again to see things from her perspective? I love the way it's diffusing the sun.
I wish this one were a tiny bit closer, but look at the action she captured here. The ball is suspended in mid-air and Ginger is about to gobble it. If you click on the pictures, you can see them full-sized. (Pay no attention to the overgrown lawn. We mowed it last night!)

And this is my favorite tree in our yard. I love how perfectly symmetrical the crown is. I've never told her it's my favorite. She just was drawn to it in the same way I am.
She's 10, people! 10. I didn't crop any of these pictures. These are straight off the camera. Think what she could do with a really good camera and some different lenses. Whoa. And Photoshop? The possibilities are endless.
I'm really excited about my class Thursday! There are a couple spots left, if you're interested. Scroll down for a sneak peek and call The Scrap Shack to sign up. 376-4430
Have a great week!

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