Yesterday Palmer had a parade to mark the beginning of a new farming season. I love parades! They bring back so many fun memories of being a kid. When I was little they threw candy from the floats, though, and now they very politely put it in the bag or bucket that the kids are holding. Guess they have to be safe? Anyway, I miss those days of diving into the middle of the road to wrestle for candy. lol

I have some annuals to plant today. I want to add a few spots of color to the perennial beds, and fill them out a little. Everything is growing great! Our grass is being stubborn, though. It just seems to be taking forever to fill in. The stripes aren't as noticeable now, though. Veggies are growing, but I am always doubtful I'll actually harvest anything until I SEE it there on the vine.

Have a fun weekend!

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