Awesome Eddie and other party animals...

Yesterday for the 4th we decided to visit the reindeer farm at the Butte. It was drizzly and kinda cool outside, so we wanted to keep it low key and weren't really up for bbq'ing. Anyway, Sam and Maggie LOVED it. Sage was spending a few days with Grandma Sharon and Papa in Anchorage.

At the reindeer farm, you can actually go into the fenced areas with the herd and feed these guys. And believe me, those reindeer KNOW when you walk in there that you have food. So you see in the first picture how the herd is just lazily grazing out in the field? Well, the second we stepped foot inside their pasture they came at a full run towards me and the kids, looking for their treat. Naturally, Maggie FREAKED out. I wish I'd been able to get pictures of them charging toward us. It was an awesome sight. Before we'd entered the pen, our tour guide taught us to give the reindeer a "signal" that let them know we didn't have any food. She said never to hide the food behind your back, because the reindeer knew that trick, and then they'd run in circles around you. And NEVER hold the food above your head because they might try to climb you. CLIMB you. That was the point where I declined the food. I said I'd rather just take pictures.

So here's Sam giving the "no treats" signal. It actually worked!

Some were more persistant than others. Blondie here was one of those. He got downright surly if you tried to give him the brush-off. And he especially liked Maggie. He followed her around and licked her ankles.

I'm going to jump around a little here because I can't figure out how to arrange the pictures in the order I want them. After the reindeer farm and lunch, we went to the Palmer Historical Museum and Gardens.
I got pictures of a few of my favorite flowers. Peonies are at the top of my list.
This one was Paul's favorite.

Back at the reindeer farm, I thought this guy was so handsome. What an impressive rack! And he'd lost his winter coat and was sporting a pretty chocolate summer hide with white socks.
After the visit at the farm, we stopped at a bbq stand for turkey legs and pulled pork sandwiches, and ate on the Old Matanuska Bridge.
I love this path at the gardens.
Peek a boo!

This magnificent elk is Awesome Eddie. He was as friendly and gentle as he could be. This was the kids' favorite part of the farm. They have a nice sized herd of Rocky Mountain elk and Eddie's their star.
This lovely lady is one of Eddie's harem. wink wink
Bruce the Moose, aka Bruce Lee. He got his name as a baby after being orphaned in Anchorage. Some well-meaning troopers brought him to the station in the back of their squad car, and Bruce karate-kicked the whole way their, tearing up the car pretty badly. Go Bruce!
I guess the reindeer weren't the only ones who climbed. haha This is where Maggie ended up for awhile until she got used to the animals.
We had a blast at the farm and museum, despite the rain. I hope your 4th was fun, too. :)


Kori said...

how fun! looks like you guys had a great day! the kids are getting so big! :)

nicole q. said...

Love the pictures of the reindeer farm! So miss going there.
Good to get caught up... looks like you are having a great summer!
The pictures in Homer are great!